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Project Chartering

Discover and maintain a Project Community's clarity of purpose

Project Chartering helps people answer questions like

  • Is the idea for the project worthwhile?
  • How does the project further the organization's vision/mission?
  • How would we know if the project is a success?
  • Who is part of the project's Project Community?
Like Refactoring, Project Chartering is an on-going endeavor. Writing and revising a charter helps establish a project's
  • Vision and mission
  • Project Community
  • Values
  • Committed resources
  • Measures of success
  • Boundaries and limits
  • Committed resources
  • Working agreements
Project Chartering does not take the place of Release and Iteration Planning; it merely provides direction for those adaptive planning activities.

Write your Project Charter on posters in big letters and place these posters in highly visible places.

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