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Identify your team's values and
discover whether they align with IXP's practices

What we value influences our behavior. XP defines 4 values: communication, simplicity, feedback and courage. If members of a project community actively seek to apply these values to their practice of XP, they will influence their project in many useful and unexpected ways.

The values are more important than the practices.
-- Ken Schwaber, at XP 2002 in Sardinia, Italy.

Since values are so vital to XP projects, Industrial XP asks each project community to discover its own values. This is done as follows:

  1. Assemble the project community
  2. Have everyone contribute values to a values roster -- a list of values
  3. Let everyone vote for their top 5 values
  4. Pick the 5 values that have the top scores
Once a project community's shared values have been discovered, it can assess whether the practices it will implement align well with its values. This work occurs as part of a Readiness Assessment.

Given a good match, a project community's values will be an invaluable aid in helping it stay on track. It is useful to keep values posted prominently in the workspace, so that people can refer to them continually and use them to help make decisions and find direction.

Industrial Logic's Values

The values listed in the IXP graphic are Communication, Enjoyment, Learning, Simplicity and Quality. These values came out of Industrial Logic's discovery of what it values. Your values will likely be different from ours. In fact, as we grow and change, even our values are likely to change. What matters most is that we truly value our values, so that they may guide us.

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Values & Practices
· Continuous Risk Management
· Project Chartering
· Project Community
· Test-Driven Management
· Sustainable Pace
· Planning Game
· Storytelling
· Storytesting
· Frequent Releases
· Small Teams
· Sitting Together
· Continuous Learning
· Iterative Usability
· Evolutionary Design
· Story Test-Driven Development
· Refactoring
· Domain-Driven Design
· Pairing
· Continuous Integration
· Collective Ownership
· Coding Standard
· Retrospectives

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